Submit an idea to Invisible Threads

Thank you for your desire to share your idea with Invisible Threads!  We have thousands of ideas and hundreds of tees currently in the works, so it is possible your idea is already in our giant book of ideas!  Please be aware that after sending us your idea, you are giving us full ownership of that idea, and do not expect anything more than the agreement listed below:

***If you send us an idea, and if we end up using that idea on a t-shirt, you will receive the very first t-shirt off the press , free of charge, along with a $150 credit on Invisible Threads website

***Please make sure that the idea you submit is 100% your idea, and has not been already done already.

***You agree that you are giving Invisible Threads full ownership of the idea / design that you submit

***We will give you credit for your design by mentioning you on our website under the product description page

***To give us the best visual of your design idea, please give us as much detail in your description as possible, and if needed, submit any artwork to us at

Thank you , once again, for your dedication to our art, and for submitting your idea to us!


The Invisible Threads Team