There are so many people to thank for helping build Invisible Threads from the ground up, without whom, we wouldn't be here today.

(In no particular order)

Dan N. (entertainer) - Dan and I have researched, drawn (and neither of us can draw!), and discussed every single design, concept and idea to make each one perfect.  We also sat together developing several fantastic logos, none of which we decided on, but that's ok!  Dan is excellent at gluing.

Mark B. (Educator) - He's hilarious

Bert G. (laymen) - Bert is the customer service manager for I.T. and has been a huge help since we launched.

Christy M. (cousin, artist) - Christy has helped me critique designs, figure out computer techniques I never knew, and tolerated my every email with questions and opinions

Mikael K. (laymen, artist) - Mikael was the genius behind the Invisible Threads logo.  He and I discussed OVER AND OVER what the logo will be, the style, the era.  Mikael also thought up the RITH.

Brian A. (laymen,artist) - Brian and I have a lot in common.  He has always brought ideas and additions to my current concepts, making them even better. 

Michael M. (entertainer) - Michael knew about Invisible Threads almost 6 years ago when it was still in the very early planning stages, and he has supported it ever since.  Michael is one of the most creative and nicest guys I've ever met.

Erick O. (entertainer) - Erick would not stop telling me to not stop doing what I'm doing and encouraged me to finish.  After 5+ years, it's about time!  He also helped me get launched!

Jon A. (entertainer) - Jon, being a comic fan, loved the MagicMan the first time he saw it, and has helped me out ever since with helping to promote Invisible Threads and the rest of the line.  We will also be collaborating with Jon in the near future with a few limited edition prints.

Kurt E. (technology expert) - Kurt has been helping me tweak features / fix problems while I was building the Invisible Threads website.  He certainly helped the site work as well as it does.

Mitchell R. (laymen, clothing line owner) - Mitchell and his brother were kind enough to give me a tour of their clothing company years ago while I was in L.A., and helped me by giving me pointers for my launch, designs, and more.

Jason K. (laymen) - Jason always gives his honest opinion and tells it how it is.  Jason helped make I.T.  Not to mention riding with me to the screen printer, helping with decision making, and taking those trips to Red Robin.

Bill K. (entertainer) - Bill was one of the first people I shared the idea with for Invisible Threads, and he provided excellent input and a few great ideas which will soon become part of our Invisibili-TEES collection, focused on industry specific one-liners and parodies.

Fred B. (entertainer) - Fred had provided me many ideas a few years back, which became part of our Invisibili-TEES line.

Lastly, my parents, Dave and Kathy (parents of entertainer) for sticking behind me through this entire project, and encouraging me to not give up!