Les Méliés Playing Cards - USPCC by IAMT

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RARE, no longer made!

We absolutely love this deck!

Invisible Threads Clothing is inspired by two main topics : Poker and the Performing Arts. What originally started as only a selection of high quality graphic tees, we occasionally add non-textile gifts and accessories to our site, yet, we are VERY picky about the products we sell on our site.

When we came across this deck of cards, brought to you by Derek McKee, star of the documentary MAKE BELIEVE, we just had to showcase it!

Inspired by "A Trip To The Moon", a film from 1902 by filmmaker George Méliés, this simplistic deck of playing cards features the "rocket in the moon's eye" imagery. Which is considered one of the most iconic parts of the film.

Fun Facts about this deck:

-Méliés himself had a fascination with magicians and playing cards

-Printed in the USA by the United States Playing Card Company

-Designed by Logan Max

-Perfect deck for cardistry and other manipulation

-Limited run, these are no longer produced. Once sold out, they're GONE! 

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