Bespoke Apparel

Invisible Threads Clothing is honored to have partnered with some of the biggest names in the performing arts industry. Here are just a few.


The Society of American Magicians 2014 Combined Convention t-shirt


This was our first collaboration with the Society of American Magicians for their official t-shirt they sold at the 2014 Society of American Magicians and International Brotherhood of Magicians combined convention in St. Louis.


The Society of American Magicians 2017 Combined Convention T-shirt

This marks our 3rd year of working with one of the largest associations for magicians, the Society of American Magicians for their official t-shirt that was for sale at the 2017 Combined Convention with the I.B.M.


H. Fishlove Fish Comb Tee

H. Fishlove is one of the oldest practical joke companies ever. Started in 1914, they were the inventor and patent holder of the Fish Comb, also known as the Mermaid Comb. Invisible Threads produced a short run of this limited edition "Fish Comb" tee on sale exclusively at our site.


The Academy of Magical Arts

The most prestigious name in the art of magic, housed at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, Ca., we were delighted to partner with the Academy of Magical Arts to create this super soft vintage inspired zippered hooded sweatshirt


Justin Willman's Tricked Out Tour

You may also know him as "Justin Kredible", we were extremely honored for Justin to ask us to collaborate with him on a t-shirt for his Tricked Out Tour.

Printed on Premium cotton and multi-blend tees with our signature "backstage" technique leaving practically no feel of ink, these shirts turned out, well, just incredible!


MAGIC Live 2015 official convention t-shirt

Invisible Threads collaborated with the team at MAGIC Magazine in Las Vegas, to produce this adventurous t-shirt for their 2015 convention, it was a hit.